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In Your Face

By Bob Humphrey I’ve been in hibernation mode for a while but a recent correspondence from someone taking me to task about turkey hunting stuck deeply enough in my craw to prompt me into writing. Let me preface by noting that I don’t get a lot of reader mail in Read more…

Bob Humphrey with fellow hunter in woods
Deer Hunting

You’re Kidding Me, Right?

You’re Kidding Me, Right? By Bob Humphrey After 40-some years of hunting, studying and managing them, very little that involves white-tailed deer truly surprises me anymore. Thus, I was really taken for a loop by a thread I encountered recently on social media. The original post – on a Facebook Read more…

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Open Up the Present

Open Up the Present By Bob Humphrey Just under 400 years ago a group of folks we now call the Pilgrims left England for the New World out of fear of religious persecution, fleeing rigid doctrines of the Church of England in favor of a simpler faith and less structured Read more…


Double Up on Bow Tags

Double Up on Bow Tags By Bob Humphrey I was playing with some numbers the other day for a column and came upon an interesting idea. But first a little background. State deer biologists/managers are charged with the sometimes unenviable task of stewarding their respective state’s deer herd, while at Read more…

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Deer Hunting

Consider the Source

I find it particularly interesting what deer hunters do and do not consider to be reliable sources for hunting advice. Some folks tend to favor the local experts, specialists, while others seek the advice of those with a more diverse and exotic resume. Some look to both, at different times. Read more…

Deer with two hunters
Deer Hunting


I’m a little behind this week but you’re just going to have to get used to that as it’s hunting season. This week’s topic was spawned by a comment I received on a recent Facebook post. The post was a link to an online article I’d written regarding peak rut Read more…