hunter with turkey

In Your Face

By Bob Humphrey I’ve been in hibernation mode for a while but a recent correspondence from someone taking me to task about turkey hunting stuck deeply enough in my craw to prompt me into writing. Let me preface by noting that I don’t get a lot of reader mail in Read more…


Live and Make Die

Live and Make Die By Bob Humphrey Happy New Year. I think I’m safe with that simple phrase now, the other holiday having been recently dispensed with. It seems that holiday greetings prior to the winter solstice can at times be a bit tricky, depending on the crowd you’re in. Read more…

Bob Humphrey in woods

Present a Positive Image

I write the hunting column for our State’s Sunday paper. Not to blow my own horn but I receive a fair number of compliments about that column, more than I get for all the other dozen or so national publications I regularly write for combined. That’s odd, but still pretty Read more…