Strategies for Success – Foul Weather Fowl

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Hunters with turkeys

Wind and rain can certainly put a damper on your turkey hunting; but you shouldn’t let it keep you indoors. The birds are still out there, and you should be too. You just need to adapt, improvise and hopefully, overcome.

On rainy or windy days, the woods are filled with noise and movement. Turkeys tend to prefer more open areas so you might have better luck hunting a pasture or field.

Be patient. The birds may leave the roost later, but they’ll show up eventually, and will likely spend a good part of the morning there.

Use a blind. A portable, pop-up style tent blind not only conceals you, but protects you from the elements. They don’t seem to bother turkeys, and will allow you to sit comfortably for longer periods of time.

Keep Calling and be alert. Sometimes inclement weather subdues breeding activity. Toms gobble less, but they’re still listening. Call every 15 or 20 minutes and keep your eyes open for birds approaching silently.



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